CARD 548 Week 3 Stress Processing Report (SPR)

CARD 548 Week 3 Stress Processing Report (SPR)

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The Stress Processing Report is designed to assist you in uncovering thinking patterns that may be limiting your personal success or causing you distress. This survey/report is only effective if you consider it confidential and personal, and an accurate benchmark of how you are perceiving life at this particular moment. With that approach, you will be able to design goals to improve your effectiveness and attempt to limit the stressors in your life. You will decide how much of the results of this SPR work to share with the instructor and your class mates.

Take the SPR online using the instructions found in the Week Two Assignments page. Then, complete the following assignment that is due in the Dropbox by the end of Week three of the session.


Write a 2 to no more than 3 page double-spaced paper [be sure to use subheadings to identify each section] in which you use the results of your SPR. The content of your SPR paper should include, but is not limited to, answers to the following questions:

I. Describe need areas (10 points)

Review the information in all 19 domains of your SPR. What are the three areas of greatest need (lowest scores) and what cluster(s) do they fall in? What key behaviors may apply to these areas?

II. Discuss whether these results are realistic (10 points)

Does your experience confirm the SPR results and indicate to you that the problems indicated are real and important? What is most important, and what domain needs attention at this point?

III. Interpret the findings (10 points)

Review the behavior examples for this critical domain. Describe where these behaviors were learned, and what causes you to continue to be influenced by them. Then consider the self-improvement suggestions for these behaviors. What steps do you think should be taken to improve feelings and behaviors in this area?

IV. Identify growth plans and undertake a specific change strategy (10 points)

Describe a focused behavioral strategy for change that you believe would work and that appears attainable in the near term.

If there are certain issues that you would prefer not to discuss, simply exclude them from your paper and focus on other events or factors in the SPR.

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